Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Procrastination Updates

Wow, I'm terrible. May 24 was my last post and a lot has happened since then. My Lou took me to Disney World at the end of May and it was everything I could have possibly dreamed of and more. I was such a nerd the whole time. He claims the trip was "alright" but when it's just use two, he talks about how he had a good time. We met up with our friends Alex and Tara, Tara's little girl G-Bug and Alex's mom (aka Tour Guide Cathy). I sang along at all the shows we saw, rode tons of big kid and kid rides with G-Bug, tried on a lot of Mickey ears just because I could, took pics with a bunch of characters (yes, I took one with EVERY princess at the castle luncheon) and I got to meet my idol... TINKERBELL. Here's some pics from the trip...
Nerd pic
I'm just about dying laughing at this picture right now
Riding the Dumbo ride with G
Lou during the "It's a Small World" ride... imagine that

She did not think I was "special" in case you were wondering....

Let's see, some other things that have been going on.... Oh yes! I got a fabulous new job at Cameron (oil and gas industry) as the Communications Lead. So far, so good (except the drive). The oil/gas industry is much different than anything I've worked in before but I really enjoy learning something new every day. It was bitter sweet leaving the company I worked for previously, but this was a great career opportunity that just couldn't be passed up. 

Lou is still being Lou. He steals all the covers at night, picks on me when I get home from work, forgets to put toilet paper in the bathroom when he uses the last square, to name a few. But, I wouldn't trade it in for nothin'. I love that guy. After all, he made good on a promise from many years ago (one I thought would not come about till we were old and gray). I'm now the proud owner of a Lexus! Spoiled, yes. Grateful, DUH. He loves my face off (his words exactly) and I love his.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We've Been Published

A woman with the Pearland Focus magazine found me on Facebook and wanted to use our wedding pics for the magazine (a little creepy but she said she was searching Pearland residents and my profile picture stood out because of the vibrant colors). I am one proud wife/wedding planner so of course I didn't oblige. She asked me a bunch of questions and I sent her several of my favorite pics from the wedding.... and we've been published! I must add though that I almost threw this away as I was cleaning the kitchen, but my ADD got the better of me so I opened it up. This is the only good thing that has ever come of my ADD!

We will also be featured in The Knot magazine for the fall/winter issue but I think those will just be "details" pictures. I'll post it when it happens!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary - Here's some rodeo art!

As my husband likes to say... We made it to a year! Should we get divorced now? Haha. Ok, divorce isn't funny but my husband is. This past weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary in style. (I am one spoiled wifey.) On Friday I was given my first gift - a "rodeo art" drawing by my husband, the famous back-to-back champion in 2nd and 3rd grade. The whole rodeo art champion thing has become quite a fixture in our relationship. This was one of the first things Louie told me when we started dating and then I had to hear him tell just about everyone we know, IF they didn't already know. And even if they did, he wanted to make sure they were reminded of his championship status. At one point during our engagement he drew me some rodeo art and demanded I frame it and put it on the wall. I refused. Instead, I hung it on the side of a cabinet in our garage. It has sense been destroyed. For those who attended our wedding, you are probably familiar with my vows - something along the lines of "I promise to appreciate your back-to-back rodeo art championship in 2nd and 3rd grade, but you're still not hanging anything up on the walls." And now, for our one year anniversary, I'm given a framed, yes framed, rodeo art drawing. For your viewing pleasure...

Beautiful isn't it? It's still not going on the wall.

To celebrate the rest of our anniversary we rented an amazing house in the hill country. The views were phenomenal. We rested, ate, laughed and shopped (well, I shopped and Bryan sat on whatever comfy chair or couch he could find). Wimberley is such a cute little town with lots of memories from our wedding weekend. Here are some pics of the house...

 On our actual anniversary we went to The Gristmill in Gruene, which is kind of a staple for us. We used to go for special occasions when we were in college. We also went by Gruene Hall to have a beer and see if I could sit on the bar like in my bridal portraits. It was too packed though. Louie then gave me my final anniversary gift was a super cute and flashy Michael Kors watch. And get this, Louie even researched online what to buy me and he said that a watch is supposed to symbolize something, he just couldn't remember what. Here's a pic of my beautiful watch...

Life is good. Marriage is great. And I love being Mrs. Lewis!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dirty Laundry

As boyfriend and girlfriend, Bryan and I never really fought much. I can only recall one fight and some bickering here and there. Now as Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, it's pretty much the same story except no big fights and just a dash more of bickering, or bantering I should say because we're not really arguing. But everyone has that one subject that usually brings out the claws, and for us it's housework/chores (I'm almost positive this will not be the last post on this subject).

So the other night we were driving home from my mom's with the dogs and there was just this pungent, awful smell. I asked Bryan about it and he said, "I have no idea but it's terrible." We blamed it on the dogs.

We got home and got in bed and of course our "movie night" turned into Bryan falling alseep before the movie even started. While watching "Toy Story 3" (super cute, by the way) I noticed the smell was still lingering. It was so strong that I found myself with a new condition I labeled "insomnia by foul smell." I leaned over and smelled Bryan's skin just to see if maybe, just maybe, it was him. What do ya know? It was! I kind of nudged him (several times) and told him he stunk and I wanted him to get in the shower because I couldn't go to sleep. He just made some babbling noise and never woke up. So I put up a pillow wall, scooted to the edge of the bed and breathed through my mouth so I wouldn't have to smell it anymore.

The next morning I asked him what the hell he drank or ate that could have made him smell so bad. After smelling the laundry he had folded the day before, he came "clean" so to speak to putting a load in the washing machine, leaving it there for 5 days, FIVE FREAKIN' DAYS, and then thought it would ok to dry them because "Isn't that what dryer sheets are for?" I started to get on to him about it but then I realized it was actually pretty funny. The day before, he wore one of those raunchy shirts to a work happy hour and he told me he kept smelling himself because he thought he smelled bad. Lesson learned? I think so :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bryan/Louie/Lou/Lou-Lou Bug

My husband is a man of many names, and I often confuse new people in my life when I refer to him as a different name than what they originally knew him as. I did just this today, which made me realize that there is a correlation between each name and the manner in which it is used. But before I get into all that, here's the story as to how each name came about:

-Bryan is the name his mom, the great Wanda Sue, gave him when he was born a baby.
-Louie is a nickname that came about from his childhood friends many moons ago. And it stuck. This often confuses people because his last name is Lewis, not Louie. I leave this ball in his friends' court.
-Lou is a nickname of the previous nickname, but that I gave him (creative, I know).
-Lou Lou Bug derives from his crazy friend Travis who taught his son at an early age to call Bryan "Uncle Lou Lou Bug" (he's going to love that I'm sharing this one).

When we first started dating almost 6 years ago, our mutual friends referred to him as Louie. I, however, could not see myself dating a guy named Louie. So, for the first 6 months or so I called him Bryan. Then one day it hit me...... Louie just fits him. Now 6 years later each name has taken it's own form. Here are some different ways each are used:

"Louie" is mostly used when I am feeling lazy and want him to make or do something for me.
Example A: "Louie, will you make me a milk shake?" or "Louie, the dog just puked up grass. Will you please clean it up?" (I always make sure to look real sweet in instances like these.)

"Bryan" is mostly used when he does something that grosses me out or frustrates me and I've told him more than once not to do it.
Example B: "Bryan, if I find one more booger in the sink or on the glass in the shower, I'm going to beat you." (Yes, I do feel sorry for the guy and his outrageous allergies, but COME ON! No he doesn't pick his nose and put boogers all over the place - he just blows his nose Chuck Norris style.)

"Lou" is mostly used when hollering from another room in the house because I need him to bring me something or save me from something.
Example C: "Louuuuuuuu, I need toilet paper" or "Louuuuuuuuuu, the dogs are slobber attacking me."

"Lou-Lou Bug" is almost always used as a bargaining technique when we're in public and he won't let me buy decorations, etc. for our home. Embarrassment is a great tool.
Example D: I say loudly, "Lou-Lou Bug, I really need this mirror to complete the hallway." (We don't even have much of a hallway but he already thinks there's too many decorative items in the living room so I have to make things up sometimes.)

So, there you have it. The mystery is solved. May peace be with you after reading this ridiculous post.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I've been wanting to create a blog for some time now, especially since leaving my last job as a writer/communication pro where I was able to utilize some of my creativeness. Many things have happened in my life lately that require some good ol' fashion word spewing. This brain of mine is always on overdrive. So, I'm  here in the wonderful world of blogging to put into words the craziness of life as Mrs. Lewis, as well as many other roles I play in life such as: a dog mom, a Coach-aholic, a vampire bat (more on that later), a loving daughter, a sweet sister.......... you get the point.

I have a lot of stories and experiences to share, and according to my mom, mine and my husband's relationship is one big comedy show, so I'm sure there will be plenty where that came from. I have a lot of theories as to why God picked us out for each other and one of them is our ability to laugh at pretty much anything, including ourselves. There is never a dull moment in our household. Don't get me wrong, life ain't always beautiful (yes I use "ain't" and yes it goes against what teachers and college professors taught me, but it will all be ok). I think learning to laugh at the "not so funnies" is sometimes a better stress reliever than Yoga. So I hope if anyone actually reads this, you won't take offense or take anything too serious. It's just a blog after all. Enjoy!