Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Procrastination Updates

Wow, I'm terrible. May 24 was my last post and a lot has happened since then. My Lou took me to Disney World at the end of May and it was everything I could have possibly dreamed of and more. I was such a nerd the whole time. He claims the trip was "alright" but when it's just use two, he talks about how he had a good time. We met up with our friends Alex and Tara, Tara's little girl G-Bug and Alex's mom (aka Tour Guide Cathy). I sang along at all the shows we saw, rode tons of big kid and kid rides with G-Bug, tried on a lot of Mickey ears just because I could, took pics with a bunch of characters (yes, I took one with EVERY princess at the castle luncheon) and I got to meet my idol... TINKERBELL. Here's some pics from the trip...
Nerd pic
I'm just about dying laughing at this picture right now
Riding the Dumbo ride with G
Lou during the "It's a Small World" ride... imagine that

She did not think I was "special" in case you were wondering....

Let's see, some other things that have been going on.... Oh yes! I got a fabulous new job at Cameron (oil and gas industry) as the Communications Lead. So far, so good (except the drive). The oil/gas industry is much different than anything I've worked in before but I really enjoy learning something new every day. It was bitter sweet leaving the company I worked for previously, but this was a great career opportunity that just couldn't be passed up. 

Lou is still being Lou. He steals all the covers at night, picks on me when I get home from work, forgets to put toilet paper in the bathroom when he uses the last square, to name a few. But, I wouldn't trade it in for nothin'. I love that guy. After all, he made good on a promise from many years ago (one I thought would not come about till we were old and gray). I'm now the proud owner of a Lexus! Spoiled, yes. Grateful, DUH. He loves my face off (his words exactly) and I love his.

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