Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bryan/Louie/Lou/Lou-Lou Bug

My husband is a man of many names, and I often confuse new people in my life when I refer to him as a different name than what they originally knew him as. I did just this today, which made me realize that there is a correlation between each name and the manner in which it is used. But before I get into all that, here's the story as to how each name came about:

-Bryan is the name his mom, the great Wanda Sue, gave him when he was born a baby.
-Louie is a nickname that came about from his childhood friends many moons ago. And it stuck. This often confuses people because his last name is Lewis, not Louie. I leave this ball in his friends' court.
-Lou is a nickname of the previous nickname, but that I gave him (creative, I know).
-Lou Lou Bug derives from his crazy friend Travis who taught his son at an early age to call Bryan "Uncle Lou Lou Bug" (he's going to love that I'm sharing this one).

When we first started dating almost 6 years ago, our mutual friends referred to him as Louie. I, however, could not see myself dating a guy named Louie. So, for the first 6 months or so I called him Bryan. Then one day it hit me...... Louie just fits him. Now 6 years later each name has taken it's own form. Here are some different ways each are used:

"Louie" is mostly used when I am feeling lazy and want him to make or do something for me.
Example A: "Louie, will you make me a milk shake?" or "Louie, the dog just puked up grass. Will you please clean it up?" (I always make sure to look real sweet in instances like these.)

"Bryan" is mostly used when he does something that grosses me out or frustrates me and I've told him more than once not to do it.
Example B: "Bryan, if I find one more booger in the sink or on the glass in the shower, I'm going to beat you." (Yes, I do feel sorry for the guy and his outrageous allergies, but COME ON! No he doesn't pick his nose and put boogers all over the place - he just blows his nose Chuck Norris style.)

"Lou" is mostly used when hollering from another room in the house because I need him to bring me something or save me from something.
Example C: "Louuuuuuuu, I need toilet paper" or "Louuuuuuuuuu, the dogs are slobber attacking me."

"Lou-Lou Bug" is almost always used as a bargaining technique when we're in public and he won't let me buy decorations, etc. for our home. Embarrassment is a great tool.
Example D: I say loudly, "Lou-Lou Bug, I really need this mirror to complete the hallway." (We don't even have much of a hallway but he already thinks there's too many decorative items in the living room so I have to make things up sometimes.)

So, there you have it. The mystery is solved. May peace be with you after reading this ridiculous post.

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