Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We've Been Published

A woman with the Pearland Focus magazine found me on Facebook and wanted to use our wedding pics for the magazine (a little creepy but she said she was searching Pearland residents and my profile picture stood out because of the vibrant colors). I am one proud wife/wedding planner so of course I didn't oblige. She asked me a bunch of questions and I sent her several of my favorite pics from the wedding.... and we've been published! I must add though that I almost threw this away as I was cleaning the kitchen, but my ADD got the better of me so I opened it up. This is the only good thing that has ever come of my ADD!

We will also be featured in The Knot magazine for the fall/winter issue but I think those will just be "details" pictures. I'll post it when it happens!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary - Here's some rodeo art!

As my husband likes to say... We made it to a year! Should we get divorced now? Haha. Ok, divorce isn't funny but my husband is. This past weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary in style. (I am one spoiled wifey.) On Friday I was given my first gift - a "rodeo art" drawing by my husband, the famous back-to-back champion in 2nd and 3rd grade. The whole rodeo art champion thing has become quite a fixture in our relationship. This was one of the first things Louie told me when we started dating and then I had to hear him tell just about everyone we know, IF they didn't already know. And even if they did, he wanted to make sure they were reminded of his championship status. At one point during our engagement he drew me some rodeo art and demanded I frame it and put it on the wall. I refused. Instead, I hung it on the side of a cabinet in our garage. It has sense been destroyed. For those who attended our wedding, you are probably familiar with my vows - something along the lines of "I promise to appreciate your back-to-back rodeo art championship in 2nd and 3rd grade, but you're still not hanging anything up on the walls." And now, for our one year anniversary, I'm given a framed, yes framed, rodeo art drawing. For your viewing pleasure...

Beautiful isn't it? It's still not going on the wall.

To celebrate the rest of our anniversary we rented an amazing house in the hill country. The views were phenomenal. We rested, ate, laughed and shopped (well, I shopped and Bryan sat on whatever comfy chair or couch he could find). Wimberley is such a cute little town with lots of memories from our wedding weekend. Here are some pics of the house...

 On our actual anniversary we went to The Gristmill in Gruene, which is kind of a staple for us. We used to go for special occasions when we were in college. We also went by Gruene Hall to have a beer and see if I could sit on the bar like in my bridal portraits. It was too packed though. Louie then gave me my final anniversary gift was a super cute and flashy Michael Kors watch. And get this, Louie even researched online what to buy me and he said that a watch is supposed to symbolize something, he just couldn't remember what. Here's a pic of my beautiful watch...

Life is good. Marriage is great. And I love being Mrs. Lewis!