Monday, November 19, 2012

Updates from Life with H & C (End of Month 1)

Bringing the boys home was exciting and overwhelming. I felt so unprepared but for once, I let it go and just loved on my babies. We spent the first couple days just the 4 of us so we could bond with our babies minus all the people and noises of the NICU. The first night was quite the adventure. Since they were circumcised right before we brought them home, we had to play nurse and do the post-op stuff that they usually do in the hospital. It was quite traumatic, but Lou assured me they wouldn't remember it and if we didn't get them circumcised they would be resentful of the fact later in life. I listened to him since after all he's the one with the same anatomy, not me. But, they were in so much pain. At one point I almost passed out from watching Lou remove the gauze from Hayden. It got stuck and Hayden squirmed causing Lou to rip the gauze. It started bleeding. I can handle grotesque things, but seeing my baby go through that just did me in. If I have another boy, I will NOT leave the dang hospital until that part has been taken care of. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep. Also, every diaper we changed that night, the boys peed on us. Connor has a super powered aim and got the wall and curtains at one point. It didn't matter how quick we were, the minute their little wieners hit the air, it was pee pee all over the place time! Lou's solution was to scream and jump away. We changed our bedding and clothes several times that night.

They have stayed very consistent with the schedule they had while in the NICU. When it's time to eat, they want it right that minute. We don't say we're going to bed - it's "taking a nap" since they eat every 2-3 hours. They are on preemie formula and breast milk. Thankfully, the NICU nurses and our neighbor who had a preemie a while back stocked us up so we shouldn't have to buy any for a while. The Lord keeps blessing us in little and big ways!

The boys got their first real baths at home. Connor was pretty content the whole time. Hayden, well, see for yourselves what he thought about his first bath...

That was a real nice bath mom and dad!

That was the most terrible thing you've done to me since kicking me out of your womb.
My mom has been helping out a lot! I don't know what I would without her. She cooks, cleans, makes sure I'm getting rest, and of course loves on my boys. She went with me to have the boys newborn pics made with Aimee Fuller Photography. She is so wonderful. Here is her blog post on us:

We took the boys to their first pedi appointment the day after they came home. She was great and walked us through the charts and how she goes by their "adjusted age" and not their actual age since they are preemies and will probably be behind a little bit with their growth. She heard a murmur in Hayden's heart so he's going to a pedi cardiologist this week. Both boys looked ok with their heights and weights for their adjusted age. Connor is long and skinny. He is in the 75th percentile for length and 20th for his weight (adjusted age chart - for their actual age they're both between the 1-6 percentile). Hayden is average for both but shorter and heavier than Connor.

My sister took the day off to accompany me to the pedi cardiologist. She LOVES these babies and is so happy to get to hold them now that they are out of the NICU. I'm not surprised, ok maybe a little. Do you know my sister? :) Anyways, Hayden did so great at the doctor. He had to lay still for 45 minutes so they could do his echo. I laid on the bed with him and he held my hand and slept the entire time. I was impressed!! He is usually my dramatic, noisy little man. He sure showed off today! Connor man was just loved on by Aunt Fish so he was content. The doctor was young but really great. I felt like we were old friends or something. Weird. She explained that Hayden has a little hole in his heart that they will watch and hopefully it will close up in the next 6-12 months. I'm worried, of course, but I trust everything will be ok.

Ready for the doc!
Other than weekly doctor appointments for the next month, we don't plan on getting the boys out. I am a little paranoid about RSV after talking with the neonatologist. They were approved for the shots through insurance since they are preemies, but I still don't want to risk it. My mom took off a couple days this week to help us out. We've had a few other family members visit as well. Our friends got together and did another "meals on wheels" for us. I'm telling you, we would STARVE if it weren't for the food prepared/bought for us by family and friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Connor LOVES the swing
Tiny Texans fans!
Puffy momma.
Cuddling with daddy.
Hi brother, you look familiar.
These are the outfits we brought them home in.
This is how Hayden was always position in the womb.
Happy 1 month sweet boys! 
What's up ladies? I'm the big O-N-E month.
Life is good at home with my mommy and daddy.

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