Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 2

Day 8 - October 27
- Today Connor is 4.9 lbs. and Hayden is 4.14 lbs.
- They are now taking 3 bottles each today and the other 5 are partially put through the tube because they can't finish them.
- The doc is still saying he suggest no one but parents hold the boys until they get home. I see other people holding babies that aren't the parents but apparently it's because they are older babies that have been in the NICU for a while. 
- Hayden made googly eyes at his momma all day. His facial expressions crack me up. (Check out the many faces of Hayden via video below).
- Connor slept most of the day but looked sweet doing it.
- The boys both smile ALOT in their sleep. It is so cute. When Hayden does it he looks just like the last ultrasound pic I have of him when Dr. Reiter captured him smiling. His grumpy man faces are all just an act. He's a happy little guy!
- Thank you all for the texts and calls. We are up at the NICU most of the day and can't have our phones on so I usually only check it around the time we leave or take a food break. Please forgive us if we forget to write/call back or take forever to do it. We wish we could share these little guys with everyone right now!!
- Also, we know how bad so many of you want to see our boys. Unfortunately, it's grandparents only in the NICU. We were lucky enough to sneak in a couple other family members one specific morning but only because they forgot to tell us they had moved our babies to the level II NICU and felt bad. But, they have gotten strict since then and even check the visitor IDs of our parents when they come to visit the boys. We promise you will get to love on our boys as soon as possible!

I'm like an owl. I don't give a hoot. 
Family photo! 
Louie and his creep mustache that he "grew" out for our friend's son's 1st birthday mustache man party.
My little squishy face.
Day 9
- Today is Daddy's birthday! I had signs taped on their beds and he was surprised. Despite having to spend his birthday in the hospital he said it was the best birthday yet because our boys are here.
- We got a good report from the doc today! Both boys took 5 whole bottles each! They have to take 8 and maintain it for them to come home.
- Hayden weighs 4.15 and Connor weighs 4.9
- They didn't eat that great for us but as Nurse A put it, they aren't the type of babies to just take a bottle. It takes a lot of work to teach them what to do. She showed us different techniques that seemed to work a little better.
- I worked with Hayden for the first time on nursing. He did so good!
- We got to do kangaroo care! It was so sweet and I could have held them forever like that.
- I am still fluid-filled so forgive all my puffiness in the pictures!

Happy birthday Dad!
Sleepy Connor 
I love my hands
Come here Dad, I have to tell you something.... 
My little long-limbed baby
Mommy and Connor 
 Daddy and Hayden
ET phone home

Day 10
- I called to check on the boys this morning and they did great on their 8 am and 11 am feedings! Connor finished his in 15 minutes and 7 minutes. Hayden finished both of his in 15 minutes!! Now if only they can do that for us.
- Today Connor weighs 4.12 and Hayden weighs 5! Go buddies!
- I worked with Hayden on nursing again and he did great. Both of them do so good for being preemies.
- Louie was so proud; he was able to get Connor to eat a whole bottle. And then he peed on his daddy's leg :)
- I was able to get Hayden to eat almost an whole bottle for the first time ever. And then he was too tired for his next feeding.
- Thanks again to everyone who has brought us food. It is so nice to have food to eat in the house!!

Hey guys!
Baby kisses are the best! 
Pure laziness right here 
I heard that Mom.
Lovin' on my sweet H.

Day 11
- I went up early to the NICU today because I wanted to spend extra time with the boys. I absolutely hate being away from them. All I want to do is sit there and love on them every chance I get.
- Connor didn't gain any weight. I think it's because he eats so fast and furious he burns all his calories.
- Hayden weighs 5.1 lbs.
- Hayden pulled out his NG tube twice last night. We had a talk. I told him he wouldn't have to deal with it if he would eat better.
- Connor's umbilical cord fell out!

Holla! Check out my belly button!
I. Hate. Diaper. Changes. Yet. They. Feel. So. Good. 
Someone stinks in here....
Is it you?

Day 12
- Happy 1st Halloween sweet boys! I wish we could dress you up and take you trick-or-treating. Next year for sure!
- Dr. Haney called to give me a daily update this morning. He said Connor has been impressive with his feedings and may get to go home within a week. I can't figure out how l feel about this. While I'm excited and happy for my little guy, I am sad that Hayden would get left behind. It makes me feel extra stressed.
- I went to the NICU parent group today sponsored by March of Dimes and the child life specialists at the hospital. We made onesies for the boys and they turned out cute!
- Hayden and Connor are both back at their birth weights - 4.14 (C) and 5.3 (H)!
- Connor did so good on his feedings. He finished all his bottles while I was there and in record time!
- Hayden did really good at his 2 pm feeding but got lazy at his 5 pm feeding and had to get 17 mL in the tube.
- Both boys were a little fussy today. Anna said Connor was fussy after his feedings like he wanted more. I think he just wanted more time with her.

Check out my mom-made onesie.
No, I will not show you my onesie unless you let me go trick-or-treating.
But I want to go!!!!!!
Anna and her buddy Connor.
Anna and her Hayden with his infamous grumpy man face that she loves so much!

Day 13
- I broke the rules and drove myself to the hospital today. I missed my boys so much!
- The boys didn't finish some of their bottles during the night but did good for Anna this morning. They love her.
- Dr. Haney came to see the boys while I was there. He broke the news that Hayden would "definitely not be going home with Connor." This makes me so sad. It's so hard to be happy knowing I'll have to leave him behind. I hate this :( Maybe God will answer my prayer that he can come home at the same time!
- Hayden did not feel good today. He was fussy because his tummy hurt. He was burping, farting, hiccuping, pushing off me with his legs. He got lots of rocking, back rubs, and love today.
- Connor's little face was looking more full today. He's finally getting some fat on his little bitty body.
It's been a rough day.
I'm so sleepy. All the time.

Day 14
- Happy 2 weeks my sweet boys! You are growing and looking different every day. We love you so much!
- NO MORE NG TUBES!!!!!!!! The boys have been doing so good with their feedings that the doctor decided to give them 24 hours without the tube. If they do well, it's out for good and they can go home after they have a good couple days.
- Connor hit 5 lbs. So proud of my little guy!
- Hayden is 5.5 lbs and since last night has eaten all but 1 bottle. I am so excited! Connor finished all but 3. I guess he didn't want to show up his big brother this time.
- We did the carseats install/inspection today with the child life specialist. Now all we need are 2 little babies to put in there!
- My blood pressure has gone back up thanks to some added stress. My doctor said she was going to put me on bp meds if I didn't stop it.
- Dr. H told us Connor could possibly be watching the Texans game with us Sunday!
- The boys were dirty and smelled like spit up again today so we cleaned them up. I was not happy with the day nurse. The night nurse gave them a bath a day early because of it. Even she thought they were funky! Poor babies :(
- We met one of Louie's customers for dinner during the nurses' shift change. The food was so good and check out the cherry cotton candy below - amazing!
- We stayed till midnight. It was a rough day and being around our boys makes everything better.

Practicing my Tebow.
I'm too sexy for my pants. 
I LOVE my fingers.
No more NG tubes people!!
Celebrating H & C's 2 week birthday with some cotton candy!

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  1. Sigh, I love them. And they look so different! So many things happening this week!