Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 3 and Homecoming!

Over the weekend we got the house ready for the boys to come home. Since their early arrival was fairly unexpected and I had been on bed rest, we hadn't finished their room, put together their swing, bouncer, co-sleeper, etc. so we tackled all that. My mom came over to help get the house clean and Auntie A came by to drop off the bay window curtain rod for the boys room. She has been a huge help with the boys' nursery. We went up to see the boys and take our required CPR class.

For the past several days, Dr. H had been telling us that Connor would get to come home soon and Hayden would definitely be behind him. Well, today we got a call that Connor had fallen behind and Hayden had moved up a day on their feedings so he was writing up discharge orders for Hayden to come home. This man is trying to kill me over.

On Sunday, we went up to see the boys and were preparing ourselves to leave with only one baby. Both boys had done well on their night feedings and were happy little guys. Their nurses (who we really liked) had performed their car seat tests that morning (this is where they have to sit in their car seats for 3 hours with no episodes - like Bradys or desatting). Hayden failed his first test but passed when they tried again. They said it was because he needed some extra support since he's so small in the car seat. Connor passed his first round because they also gave him some extra support.

We spoke with Dr. H's associate, who also happened to be the doctor who did our NICU consult when they thought they were going to have to deliver the boys at 33 weeks. Apparently the nurses had lobbied big time for Connor to go home at the same time as Hayden. They felt Connor had always been the better eater, he just had one bad day. Dr. C said he valued their opinions and was going to write up orders for Connor to go home too!!!!!! We were so excited and relieved that we would not have to leave the hospital with happy and sad tears... just happy ones!

The boys got 2 shots each and watching that was hard. Then, we had to wait all day for the boys to be circumcised. There was an issue getting the doctor there who performs the circumcision, so Dr. C did it. It was really late though and we wouldn't be able to leave till the early morning since they would have to be monitored for bleeding. We weren't leaving there without babies!

The team came and got them to perform the circumcision and I almost had a breakdown. I felt so sad that they would have to feel so much pain. When they brought them back, I heard cries from both of them that I had never heard before. It was so incredibly heartbreaking. We just held them and loved on them even though nothing really helped. So very sad.

Then the time came! We were finally taking our baby boys home. We packed up all their stuff on a cart, said our goodbyes, and off we went. It was such an amazing moment - there were lots of happy tears!

The memories of everything we had endured up through that point all came flooding back - the treatments, the heartache, the little pictures of the 2 embryos, all the ultrasounds, the Hyperemesis, the pain, the excitement, finding out the genders, the bedrest, etc. - in that moment I realized just how truly blessed we are. It was all worth it. Every. Single. Bit. Cue the tears.

I get to go home today!!!!
NICU stays are hard work
About to leave through the NICU doors!
Oh how we will NOT miss you 4th floor!
No babies were harmed in the act of getting them in their carseats...
Cheese face! I was so excited! 

Home sweet home! 
Thanks for the signs Dee Dee! 

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