Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week 16 & the Big Reveal!

We got some big news this week... WE ARE TEAM BLUE! This was my prediction - can't mess with mother's intuition. We are so thrilled! Louie's first comment was that he was getting his own baseball team. He's going to be a great coach and more important, a great DAD! Wow, I can't believe God is going to let me have two mamma's boys. What a blessing!

We wanted to do something special for our parents to announce the gender, and since we used our dog children to announce that we were expecting we figured they would want to be a part of this big news. We tied two blue balloons to each of them and let them sit at the door steps of our parents' houses. I think they could tell how excited we were because they were going bonkers and weren't cooperating too well. It was so cute and they were proud to show off! They will be great big sisters! Here are a few pics from the big day:

Hayden River
Connor Jackson
That's one proud baby boy!
Other updates: I am finally in maternity clothes! This excites me because maternity pants are so comfortable. No buttons or zippers - amazing! They also help me to look pregnant and not like I just ate a little too much. Also, I felt Baby A kick for the first time!!! So exciting. These little boys have 100% stolen my heart. I love my little couture babies!

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