Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weeks 17-20

Week 17: So many people love these babies and they aren't even here yet! I love that our friends and family enjoy talking about them and also hearing that they pray for us. I truly believe that these babies were prayed into existence and those prayers have kept them safe and sound as they continue to grow. I have had moments where I have been upset because I can't have everything I want for them because we had to spend our savings on IVF, but I just think back to the sweet words of encouragement from friends and family and know that it isn't material things that are going to be important, but our friends and family's love and support of our sweet boys that is going to be important as they grow up! How truly lucky the 4 of us are!

On another note, babies officially have names! Baby A is Hayden River and Baby B is Connor Jackson ( I won the Hank battle!!! However, I still think our friends will call him Hank. Poor kid.) They have been super squirmy lately - although I think I feel Hayden more than Connor. He's lower and that's where a lot of the action is. Of course, he's also always been our show off baby during ultrasounds. Connor is much more laid back. He'll just give a little wave or thumb suck while Hayden strikes poses and does flips. I wish I could watch them on the screen forever!

Week 18: This weekend we went to visit my grandma and look at baby furniture. We bought 2 super sweet cribs and a dresser (since it takes 3 flippin' months to get them in). It was a pretty defining moment for us. This is really happening!!!!!! I can't wait to put together their nursery.

I am still suffering from HG (hyperemesis gravidum) and have had to take several more trips to the hospital for fluids and meds intravenously. Ugh. 

Week 19: Babies are getting more and more active, especially Hayden. I'm still barfing and nauseous but I have also been able to eat a few different things (I'm still a vegetarian though). I'll take it! I like to think of it as a reminder that nothing comes easy, even after a couple years of craziness trying for these sweet babies! The sciatic pain has also kicked in - I'm pretty used to it but I guess the extra weight just compounds the pain. I come home from work and can barely walk some days. Lou has become quite the masseuse. 

Time is going by so slow it seems. Some days I feel like I've been pregnant for years. We are trying to get out of the house more now because I think we're both going a little stir crazy. So call us if you want to hang out with some old boring folks!

Week 20: Today was our 20 week anatomy scan and doctor appointment with Dr. Ohlemacher. Both my mom and Lou got to sit in on the anatomy scan (level II ultrasound where they take measurements and look at the major organs to make sure they are developing normally). I think my mom's heart is officially melted. Hayden was, as usual, being a show-off. He is our chunker weighing in at 15 ounces. When we got to Connor, the sonographer discovered that Hayden was kicking Connor in the head. I think that's why I've been feeling so much movement - they are already fighting! Hayden is in an "L" shape with his head down and Connor is transverse (sideways across my tummy). When she got to Connor's tummy, she spent a very long time assessing it. Way longer than with Hayden. I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right. We met with Dr. O immediately afterwards and she explained that while Hayden looked great, our sweet Connor was measuring 25% smaller and there was a problem with his umbilical cord. She really didn't know what else to say about it because she had never seen it before, but that he looked good everywhere else. So, we are being sent to a high risk specialist next week and will hopefully get more answers. Please keep our sweet babies in your prayers!
Hayden kicking Connor in the head


Sweet baby hand

Always entertained w/ this for a husband

20 whole weeks!

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  1. You look so adorable ! Praying for two healthy babies. Love you, Momma Carm