Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3 Months Old

Updates over the last month :

The boys had their 2 month shots :( I guess after dealing with the trauma of having them in the NICU and all the poking and prodding they did on our sweet boys, I don't get emotional like before. This is cake compared to past experiences!! They were a little grumpy for a couple days and you could tell their little legs were sore. Hayden especially - he let out a few painful screams that hurt my heart.

I want to experience every little thing about the holidays. I love Christmas, and I love it more now that I have my sweet babies to share it with. I have prayed for these moments. God is good. We had a wonderful *5 Christmases* with all the fam, and the boys received lots of wonderful gifts.

Hayden started cooing the week of Christmas, and Connor a couple weeks later. Hayden is more vocal, as usual. I got my first ginormous smile from C and it melted me! For some crazy reason, they started yelling at us when we take their bottles away for burping. Hayden has to be burped because of his reflux. Sorry buddy.

Both boys still loves car rides, the play mat, the bird picture above their changing pad, and the new crib mobile that Dee Dee brought over. The mobile really gets them cooing.

We had 3 couple friends over for New Years. It was a nice, mellow evening full of gossip, sparklers, food and wine (for the girls, at least). The boys did their own thing in the garage.

A little note to my boys:

Connor Man -
You have changed significantly in your looks! You now have what the docs call "brown fat", and I love it! You sneak in a smile every once in a while, and you finally smiled at your daddy. He was so happy. You are a good sleeper and love bath time. I love to snuggle you but sometimes you just like to sprawl out on your own. Maybe it's because you know your brother acts desperate for attention and you like to give your mommy a break :)

Mr. Hayden -
You are so cuddly and love to be held. All. The. Time. You have been very vocal lately and it takes everything I have not to cry. I love you and your brother's sweet voices. Sometimes you startle yourself with the sounds you make. You like to be awake and hang with mom a lot. You also like Mickey Mouse on tv but I only let you watch it for a couple minutes. We dance to the hot dog song and you think it's funny (or that your mommy is crazy).

HAPPY 3 Months Sweet Boys!

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