Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pregnancy Updates: 18-28 Weeks

18 weeks 
I am finally starting to feel like a human again. After being put on home healthcare at 12 weeks, I went through 2 weeks of iv hydration therapy. Once my body was able to handle fluids, I was able to go off the iv. It was terrible. I was so dehydrated the nurses had a terrible time finding veins. They would blow after just a day or 2 so I had to get them reinserted just as often. I'm also on a Zofran pump that runs continuously. I have to change the insertion site daily which sucks but isn't the end of the world. It took almost 4 weeks to find the right dosage and start getting some relief. I went from vomiting 25-30 times a day down to 1-3. Almost 20 pounds lost and very malnourished, but within the last 2 weeks, I've gained 2 pounds back and can eat something other than a cracker or piece of bread. I've never gone so long without eating. It was just simply impossible. The debilitating nausea has subsided as well. Now I'm just normal nauseous. 

We had a scare when test results showed very high AFP levels (which is what they use to determine spinabifida). We were sent to Dr. Reiter (high risk doc who also took care during my twin pregnancy). Thankfully baby looked good, just small. However, since AFP levels were so high and baby checked out ok, it could only mean one other thing. The placenta is not functioning correctly, and it could be an early sign of pre-eclampsia as well. So, we will continues to be monitored by Dr. Reiter. 

18 week ultrasound and baby bump

20 weeks
Here's a comparison at 20 weeks with the twins and 20 weeks now. 

28 weeks & the start of the 3rd trimester
I feel guilty for not keeping a written account for much of this pregnancy like I did with the boys. Life is much different than it was when I was pregnant with the twins and this pregnancy has been much different as well. The first 5 months were consumed by just trying to stay alive. 

After 12 weeks on the Zofran pump, I was finally able to go off and just continue on oral meds. I've gained back 15 of the 22 lbs lost. I still throw up about once a day but I feel like I can't complain compared to the 25-30 times I used to. The nausea is much better and I can eat most anything besides tomato based foods. 

Some procrastination updates.....

I failed the 1 hour glucose test and had to take the 3 hour. Pure torture. I have a hard time keeping the sugary drink down so I end up having to do it several times. Throw in the having to starving yourself part and it really is torturous. I had to talk to myself and try so hard to control the urge to vomit the last time I did it. The people in the waiting room probably thought I was nuts. I was sweating and mumbling to myself. But, I passed. I seriously prayed very hard about this. I just needed a break and not another thing to worry about with this pregnancy. 

Dr. Reiter remains concerned about the placental dysfunction. That, along with malnourishment from HG, has caused baby to be small as well as some of his organs. All I can do now is consume a ton of protein and just continue to be monitored. They won't take any actions at this point. 

I'm really enjoying feeling this little guy move. He is very active, mostly at night like big bro H, but his ultrasound pics look like C. He loves when daddy and brothers talk to him. He does NOT like when Dr. Reiter messes with him to get good facial pictures (hence the open mouth which I think is him yelling at us). 

I felt much prettier with my twin pregnancy. This time around I feel fluffy, my hair is falling out, my nails and teeth look terrible (thank you HG), and things are not as tight as they were before. The diastisis recti I got from the twin pregnancy has really made carrying this guy more difficult and painful, and the SPD is back with a vengeance. I love the thought of growing this sweet baby. I know it's a true miracle and a blessing, but pregnancy is hard!

27 1/2 weeks baby bump: