Friday, August 17, 2012

Weeks 21-24

Week 21 - This week has been a little rough. I've been in a lot more pain than normal today - pain that brings tears to your eyes and makes you feel like a big fat baby. I was having a lot of really low pelvic pressure/pain to the point where it felt like my insides were going to fall out of my body. I called Dr. O's office and they had me come in. My blood pressure was through the roof, which is very unusual for me. I usually have spot-on perfect blood pressure. She sent me home with a pee catcher and 2 jugs for a 24-hr urine collection. Nice, huh? The tests came back normal so my blood pressure was probably just high from me hurting so bad. Looks like I have severe PSD which is a little disturbing when learning what it is, but it makes sense given the pain I'm in and that I'm already waddling. I try really hard not to waddle but my hips and legs are so screwed up that it comes out looking like a waddle no matter what I do. My bones are not digging carrying 2 babies very well. I also had my first "kankles" today and my engagement/wedding rings got stuck on my hand so bad I had to use oil to get them off. Good bye to the last 2 skinny things on my body. I sure do hope these boys are sweet to me and love me forever and ever.
(Please forgive my swolleness and no make-up pictures...)
Week 22 - Lou and I took a trip to the med center today to meet the high risk specialist, Dr. Reiter. I had read that he was super smart and has 35+ years of experience, but terrible bedside manners. So, I was a little nervous. He did about a 45 minute ultrasound on the boys, taking all their measurements and every once in a while pointing out something silly they were doing (Hayden dancing and Connor punching the ultrasound wand every time Dr. R ran it over him. He did not like being messed with.) They are so cute I just can't stand it! Unfortunately, we didn't get many answers. Connor's umbilical cord vein is definitely not going in the right direction. He gave one scenario of some of his organs maybe being on the wrong side of the body, but that it doesn't necessarily mean he won't live a normal life. He just really isn't sure at this point what it means because Connor is still too little to see everything he needs to see. So, he wants to monitor the babies and have us come back when Connor has grown a little more. I feel confident that God is watching over these babies and they will be okay. I just hate feeling so helpless.

Week 23 - We finally went and registered at Babies R' Us and online at Not that long ago, I never thought we would get to this point. There have been so many milestones throughout this process, and believe me when I say we celebrate each and every one of them! It was a little overwhelming registering for 2 babies. I've been doing my research so I thought I was prepared. But wow. It was fun though - I absolutely love that Louie is so enthusiastic and involved with every little piece of this pregnancy. He has been so so so good to me. I don't last very long walking around, so we don't really get to do too much outside of the house. You'd think we would have driven each other crazy by now, but our struggles to get to this point and these babies have brought us closer than ever before.

I met one my BFFs at a fabric store this weekend to pick out the crib bedding fabric. Having a friend who's an interior designer is a huge plus when you're wishy washy and picky like myself. I hate making decisions. The fabric is so cute (at least I think so, which is all that matters right?) and I can't wait to see the finished product! Thank you Ber!!!
Bad, no make-up kind of day!
Week 24 - Babies have been VERY active lately. I saw my belly move for the first time from a kick - I couldn't stop staring at my belly after that!! I've been having lots of BH contractions so I was put on bed rest for a couple days to see if they would calm down. I'm still having them but not as many. I also have been really swollen in my ankles, feet and hands. I guess that's inevitable and here to stay. I went to Dr. O and my blood pressure was good but my cervix had shortened. She didn't seem too worried, just said we'd have to watch it and she doesn't see me working for too much longer. It can't come soon enough. All the walking and driving and sweating and stair cases - I'm absolutely miserable by the time I get home.

This weekend we got our booties in gear on the nursery. Since our house doesn't have much storage, we had to clear out an entire room (we had a garage sale last weekend to get rid of all the crap we had). Our poor guest bedroom is now an office, craft room, junk room, guest bedroom, etc. I hate clutter but I don't really have a choice right now. We bought the paint and went and picked up the furniture across town with my dad. It took a trailer to haul all the furniture back with us! Dad came to paint this week and floors are going in this weekend (pics coming soon)!
I dressed up and put make-up on for once! This is a big deal to me.