Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weeks 9-12

Week 9 - Babies are growing! I got to see them wiggle for the first time today. Baby A is definitely our show-off. It was doing what looked like the worm - it was hilarious. Baby B was just chillaxin' and at one point waved at us. Seeing them move made it all the more real for me. I love them so much!

My progesterone booty shots have been taken down to every other day. This is a HUGE deal! Dr. H wants to try weaning me off now that the placenta should be making progesterone on it's own, or getting close.

I'm still super duper sick - nausea and vomiting. The vomiting has switched mostly to the evening (and a time or 2 throughout the day) but it is more intense and so is the nausea. I honestly don't know how I'm making it. Every day is like a fog. I seriously come home from work, lay down because I'm too nauseous to do anything else, throw up, lay back down, eat dinner, throw up and go to sleep. Every. Single. Day.

Week 10 - Babies look like babies!!! We got to see their hands, legs, etc. It looked they were having a dance party in there. Louie got a pretty good recording of their heartbeats. They are so sweet, I just know it.

Tonight, at exactly 10 weeks, I take my last progesterone shot! As crazy as it sounds, I wouldn't mind keeping on with it if it meant our babies are protected. It just seems so risky. My progesterone is in the 20s. They want it over 20 but still, there's two placentas. What do I know? I'm no doctor. I think Nurse C could tell I was worried because she's letting me come back for bloodwork ina a few days to make sure my levels haven't dropped off. Until then, I'm going to treat my booty like a queen. It has been through a lot over the past 2 months - I added it up and my poor booty has endured 61 shots. Wow! I took pictures of all the allergic reactions and bruises and lumps the progesterone caused. I'm going to use it for battle if our twins ever give us trouble. I'm going to make them see what all I had to go through to get them here, so they best be good kids!

Week 11 - All day sickness (NOT morning sickness) is getting worse. I thought it was supposed to get better dangit!! I've tried everything they can prescribe me plus the "natural remedies" and none of it works. I notice absolutely no difference in the way I feel, except for with the medicine that makes me sleepy. I think it only helps because it puts me to sleep. Not helpful for work though! Also, I took a little trip to the emergency room after waking up from severe arm pain and heart palpitations. It lasted a couple hours. Of course, once I got there, it wasn't happening anymore. The only thing they could see was that my thyroid levels were off which could have caused the heart palpitations. Scary nonetheless.

Babies are doing great. Still dancing away and not letting Dr. W get good pics of them. My progesterone is still dropping but above 20 so they aren't concerned yet. It's so hard to let go and just trust them.

I think I'm starting to show a tiny bit despite the weight I've lost. It's easier to see my little baby bump now. My clothes still fit though and I'm holding out buying maternity clothes as long as possible. I always told myself I would enjoy being pregnant... now I just want it to go by fast (at least the sick part). I'm determined to enjoy this!!!

Week 12 - This week was my first visit to my OB. She was so excited to see me and I, her. She said when her and the staff saw my name on the schedule for OB, they all did a happy dance. I saw them multiple times a month for the first 8 months of treatment, so we came to know and like one another pretty well. Despite the non-success, I was sad to leave them for the fertility specialist.

Babies both looked great and still measuring right on schedule. Dr. O loved how active they were - kicking, punching, rolling. Silly babies! The only thing she was concerned about is it appears they share a placenta (which creates a high risk situation). I'll go back next week for an ultrasound with a sonographer who should be able to tell for sure.

I was a little disappointed to hear that when the time comes, I will not get to at least try for a natural birth. With this being my first pregnancy and with twins, she doesn't like to risk a breach extraction if one is breach or one flips once the first is delivered. Obviously I want to do whatever is safest for the babies, but it still bummed me out.