Tuesday, January 17, 2012

End of 2011 & the Start of a New Year!

In 2011, we set out to do something we never thought we would have to do (details when we're ready to share). We had a lot of disappointment and heartbreak but also a lot of wonderful happenings that we feel have brought us to a great 2012.

If you don't know already, our dogs Izzy and Eva are our greatest pride and joy. They make us happy and comfort us when we're sad, not feeling well or just need a cuddle partner. It's amazing how they know exactly how you feel and what to do to make it better. Dogs are the best companions - without a doubt! They are doing great - other than the fact that Izzy just crop dusted me and it smells terrible, and Eva has been in destructive mode. Here's a few examples: pulled a wine bottle out of the wine cabinet, broke it, drank most of the wine; tore up her pretty handmade dog bed that she got for Christmas 2010; ate 2 loafs of bread; ate gingerbread cookies; attempted to eat red bliss potatoes but decided just to play with them instead; played/destroyed a whole roll of wrapping paper; ate the Dean & Deluca bag we got for my sister and Allen for Christmas (we still gave it to them since it was destroyed with love by their niece); chewed a hole in a custom pillow. Despite the carnage, she's still the sweetest dog ever and will never, I repeat NEVER, be given away so don't even suggest it or you might get abused. She just likes to party and when no one is here to party with her, she gets a little crazy. (Eva has asked to do a few guest posts - so watch out for those!)

We started attending our church more, New Hope, and every time we go I feel like Pastor Tim is speaking straight to me. God works in mysterious ways sometimes :) This church is just so upbeat, casual, bible-focused, and feels like home. We even took a "Foundations" course to help us navigate our spiritual journey. In the midst of this course, we experienced a miracle right in front of our eyes. A REAL LIVE MIRACLE. Our dear friends, H & R, delivered their precious "Little Bird" on October 28 (Louie has a birthday twin!) at just 25 weeks (gestational age). He is a strong baby and has been through quite an ordeal, but he's got angels on his side and those here on earth praying for him every step of the way. We cannot wait for the day he gets to go home in his mommy and daddy's arms. I know sometimes things happen that we just don't understand- but after witnessing this miracle, how can you not believe in God?! It's never been so real to me as it is now... as Christians, it's not our job to understand but instead to put our complete faith and trust in God's plans.

In November, Louie and I took our last vacation (for a while, at least) to San Francisco, South Lake Tahoe and Napa/Sonoma. It was so relaxing. If you know me, then you know I'm a planner. Well, I am proud to say that the only pieces of the trip I planned were the flights (duh), Alcatraz tour (because the night trip gets sold out quick) and a rental car to drive to Lake Tahoe. Go me! Maybe that's why it was so relaxing. Here's a few pics from the trip:

So, here's to a fantastic 2012 and hoping for great things to come! Cheers!