Monday, April 4, 2011

Dirty Laundry

As boyfriend and girlfriend, Bryan and I never really fought much. I can only recall one fight and some bickering here and there. Now as Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, it's pretty much the same story except no big fights and just a dash more of bickering, or bantering I should say because we're not really arguing. But everyone has that one subject that usually brings out the claws, and for us it's housework/chores (I'm almost positive this will not be the last post on this subject).

So the other night we were driving home from my mom's with the dogs and there was just this pungent, awful smell. I asked Bryan about it and he said, "I have no idea but it's terrible." We blamed it on the dogs.

We got home and got in bed and of course our "movie night" turned into Bryan falling alseep before the movie even started. While watching "Toy Story 3" (super cute, by the way) I noticed the smell was still lingering. It was so strong that I found myself with a new condition I labeled "insomnia by foul smell." I leaned over and smelled Bryan's skin just to see if maybe, just maybe, it was him. What do ya know? It was! I kind of nudged him (several times) and told him he stunk and I wanted him to get in the shower because I couldn't go to sleep. He just made some babbling noise and never woke up. So I put up a pillow wall, scooted to the edge of the bed and breathed through my mouth so I wouldn't have to smell it anymore.

The next morning I asked him what the hell he drank or ate that could have made him smell so bad. After smelling the laundry he had folded the day before, he came "clean" so to speak to putting a load in the washing machine, leaving it there for 5 days, FIVE FREAKIN' DAYS, and then thought it would ok to dry them because "Isn't that what dryer sheets are for?" I started to get on to him about it but then I realized it was actually pretty funny. The day before, he wore one of those raunchy shirts to a work happy hour and he told me he kept smelling himself because he thought he smelled bad. Lesson learned? I think so :)