Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2 Months Old

Updates from the past month:

Oh man do we love having these boys home! We call Connor "Connor Man" and Hayden "Mr. Hayden."

They are growing like weeds. I managed to pick both of them up and rock them while they were both fussy. I also tandem nursed them since they were screaming at me. It was not pretty, but it got the job done. I am definitely not built for tandem nursing so I'll be sticking with the nurse one/bottle feed the other routine that works best for me.

They love car rides, their jungle play mat, baths, and being in loud places (I think that stems from being in the NICU). C loves the swing and H loves the bouncer, which works out perfect because we only have one of each.

Connor smiled at me on December 7 for the first time (awake)! He makes the sweetest little faces and is so content (unless he's hungry). I take pictures of the boys all day long.

Mommy loves my face when daddy burps me. She takes a million pictures of it.

I love watching all the faces Hayden makes. He cracks me up! You can tell he's definitely the more vocal one.

We went on our first outing to Lupe Tortillas for dinner. So many people wanted to "oh and ah" over them. We were told congrats many times. The boys slept the entire time.

Lou is still not good at changing diapers, but he tries! Poor guy gets peed on just about every time.

I took the boys by myself to a doctor's appointment. That was a nightmare. I will not being going alone again.

We wore our "My Mom Rocks" shirts since she handled taking us to the doc all by herself!

I took them to HEB with me after their doctor's appointment. HA! I've still got pregnancy brain. My plan was to push the boys in their stroller and just shove a few items in the basket part. Well, when I went to check out and they had put everything in bags, I didn't have room or hands to take them to my car. A worker had to help me. Durrrrrrrrr

Izzy and Eva came home! The NICU doc recommended introducing the dogs slowly since the boys immune systems still weren't developed and we needed to be careful in case there were allergies. We brought Eva home after having them home for a month. Izzy came a week later. Connor had puffy eyes for a while but the doctor said it could go away once he gets used to it. The dogs really could have cared less. They just sniffed the boys and then ran all over the place like a crazy girls. Eva does like being around them though. Izzy just barks when they cry and looks at them like "Why are you still here?"

Took the boys to see Dr. O for my 6 week check-up. She loved them, of course. It was so good to see her and kind of rehash what happened. I've healed nicely but am still worried about the bleeding out incident I had. She reassured me that she'll keep an eye on me and I have to continue on iron for a while.

We went on our first little road trip to Brenham for Thanksgiving. H & C got to meet some more family and they loved it! They did great in the car too.

Our family!
4 Generations 
Uncle Ray

Uncle Glen

First family picture at the farm

Uncle Al and Aunt Fish

Sweet Aunt Fay
Our friends went with us to have pictures taken with Santa at Bass Pro Shops by our house. Their little girl was not having it, and it was hilarious. I know this sounds terrible, but I think pictures of true terror on little kids' faces is way better than them smiling and sitting on Santa's lap. Our boys just slept the whole time, as usual. We also went to PaPa Mark's company Christmas party and had pics taken with Santa there too.

We've had LOTS of visitors and these little boys have sure enjoyed the love. Thanks for loving on our boys! There will be a whole post of pictures from all the visitors.

Bryan's dad

Bryan's dad and Susan